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skydive langer
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Skydive Langer

Where: The Control Tower, Langer Airfield, Langer, Nottingham,  NG13 9HY (map)

British Parachute Schools has been a full-time professional Skydiving Centre since 1977 located at Skydive Langar close to Nottingham in the East Midlands, UK. We provide top-quality training for both Beginner and Experienced Skydivers all year round. Skydives are normally from at least 13,000ft, using our two fast 16-place turbine-powered Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft. For Beginners, Skydive Langar offers three options: our Basic Skydiving Course (using the static line system with an automatically-opened parachute), the high-adrenaline intensive Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Course, and Tandem Skydives for fun or charity – or both!

For a ‘taster’ of our sport, Tandem Skydives provide you with an experience of around 50 seconds in freefall while securely attached to an experienced British Parachute Association (BPA) instructor! If your aim is to become a Skydiver in your own right, then either the Basic Skydiving or Accelerated Freefall (AFF) courses are for you. These alternative courses each take about 18 skydives to complete, at which point you will be eligible to apply for your Skydiver’s internationally recognised ‘A’ Licence. As a full time skydiving centre, we are in an excellent position to offer ongoing coaching to intermediate and experienced skydivers, from help in choosing a first set of equipment through to enhancing skills up to Competition level – with further training from National Champions and World Record holders.

Come and join us – we make fun for everybody, from nervous newbie to extreme sport enthusiast!

You can read more about our history here.

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Accelerated Freefall

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locationThe Control Tower, Langer Airfield, Langer, Nottingham, NG13 9HY