Refer A Friend

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What is a Friend?

A friend would be a Personal Trainer, Gym, Sports Venue, Sports Equipment Supplier, Sports Club, Sports Insurance Provider, Supplement Supplier or Obstacle Course Race provider.

How Does it Work?

Two examples would be:

1) Bob Big Biceps is listed as a gym, he refers a “friend” to max your sport who signs up – once payment is received by (MYS) Max Your Sport Bob receives £10

2) Jeff from down local knows a personal trainer. He tells them about MYS and the personal trainer contacts MYS and signs up – Jeff receives £10.


How do we distribute Referral Codes?

1) Anyone who becomes listed will receive a referral code e.g. MYS867 – they then pass this referral code to their “friend” to use when contacting MYS.

Get your referral CODE here

2) Anyone can register their interest for a referral code with Max Your Sport – even if they don’t actually have a listing.


When will I receive my reward?
You will receive your referral reward once the full payment has been received by Max Your Sport for the new listing.

How many times can I refer a friend?
There isn’t a limit on the amount of referrals
E.G. If you sign up for a £60 listing you would need to pay £60 to Max Your Sport for your listing – but if you then sign up 6 friends you would be able to redeem your money.

How is the Reward Calculated?

The reward is calculated at:

£10 for every listing over £60

£5 for every listing between £30-£60

10% of the value of any listing below £30.

The referral code does not apply if the friend is already listed on Max Your Sport.
The referred friend must provide your referral code when completing the registration form.
To ensure the “Friend” doesn’t forget to use your code or that they are not already listed you can email us with the name of your friend.