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When I first started training I couldn’t get the results I wanted, I spent hours, no days, maybe even weeks reading about supplements, diets & training programmes. I tried all sorts of training routines and diets while spending £100’s of pounds on supplements & gym memberships without achieving the desired results.

WHY? All because I didn’t know about my body type and what my approach to training should have been.

Once you know your body type you can start to tailor your diet & training routine and be on your way to achieving your dream body saving you time, money & frustration.

There are 3 main body types, you may fall directly into one of these or be somewhere in between. The information below will give you an insight into your body type and how you could start to plan your routine.

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  • Ectomorphs you can eat what ever you want and never gain weight.

    Have a fast metabolism & require a huge amount of calories to enable you to gain weight.

    Keep your workouts short.
    Focus you training on big muscle groups.
    1 or 2 sets per musclegroup per session
    Low reps (10-8-6-8) high weight
    Train 3-4 times/week max, your workouts should be short & frequent.
    Eat 3 square meals per day with 2-3 high calorie snacks in between.
    Eat before you go to bed to stop prevent catabolism. (protein breakdown)

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  • Endomorphs no matter what you do you can’t lose weight.

    Have a slow metabolism & gains fat easily.

    Must train cardio as well as weight training. Add 15 minutes cardio into each workout. (a good heavy lifting session can leave you body in a state of fat burning for hours after you have stopped training)
    Train 2/3 muscle groups per workout plus cardio.
    Train 5 times per week.
    Reduce your calorie intake slowly whist maintaining a high protein diet.
    High reps (15-12-10-12)

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  • Mesomorphs you can gain muscle and shed fat with little to no effort.(compared to the other two body types)

    Consider your self blessed.

    You have the flexibility to train in a wide variety of ways.
    Ensure you do not concentrate on a specific area as you could loose muscle if you concentrate on  endurance training or gain fat if you are only lifting heavy weights & low reps.

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27th April 2016

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